YachtNet is the database system that keeps track of every single item that we transport through our network from the moment you place an order to our warehouse, through the transit system to delivery on board.  This identifies the supplier,  the item code, your purchase order and a tracking code with a unique reference for every package. If needed we can the product manual, invoice, authorisation or whatever you use in your own system.

The good aspect of YachtNet is that it uses open source Zoho software which means we don’t charge for the base system and it is compatible with mobile phones and tablets as well as desktops. YachtNet can be expanded into a full-blown inventory system at a very low cost and is fully secure with encrypted access.

We also have a hand cash app for keeping track of expenses on your phone – great for uploading to your accountants and reclaiming expenses. Let us know if you want to sample this and we will send you an email link inviting you to the app.